The Association of the Firemen of the town of HERVE.

 Historical account of the Association.

        The firemen of HERVE set up an Association in1967. Her main purpose was to organise the yearly banquet called “Saint Barb”, (Patroness of miners, artillerymen, and firemen)

        In august 1979, the committee of this association organised a celebration week-end to inaugurate a new ladder truck;

        Ends 1980, the general assembly of the members of the association decide to change its legal status to association sans but lucratif (a.s.b.l.)-*-non-profit making association, under the new name “ Amicale des Sapeurs Pompiers Volontaires de la Ville de HERVE”.

        After working out the regulations, these will be published, on 7th of May 1981, in the Moniteur Belge (publishing the Belgian laws.); these regulations list the names of the 20 founding members, as well as its purpose i.e. bring together the active firemen, the pensioned ones, the firemen in honourable discharge, and sympathisers, in order to materially and morally support them in a direct or indirect way.

 A first “board of directors” nominates:

 Honorary President  Gilbert ROGISTER (father)
 President  Léon CLERDAIN
 Vice-president  André HERZET
 Secretary  Jean-Marie LESOINNE
 Paymaster  Guido CHIARADIA
 Deputy paymaster  Pierre MAWET

Henri BAS

Christian DOME





Antoine NARDI

Gilbert ROGISTER(fils)


        Under the impulse of Leon CLERDAIN this committee organised a week of celebrations for the inauguration of the new fire station, on the 27th of November 1982.

        In this vast program, 3000 school children  of the sector  visited the station, information and relaxation evenings took place, and even a debate on the Belgian radio ( R.T.B.F.) animated by Jacques BREDAEL himself.

        Different committees have followed each other with various new members, but the will persisted to make known the voluntary fire men of HERVE in Belgium and abroad.

       The ties and bonds created in 1989, during the setting up of “POMPIERS SANS FRONTIERES” (Firemen without borders) still do exist today. It was a friendly contest between firemen of 9 different countries.

        At every inauguration of an new vehicle, or building, the Association organises either a academic event, or a sports event , or a more festive celebration, ….:

     a cistern of 8000 l. in 1981,

     a medium pump truck and an extraction vehicle in 1984,

     polyvalent vehicles in 1985 and 1986,

     an American pump truck in December 1998 ( pump truck entirely American PH 3),

     the extension of the premises in the fire station in October 1999,

     a second American pump truck in April 2000 ( pump truck entirely American PH 4),

     a elevator in March 2002.  PH7

These several organisation brought in some benefits that allowed us to collect reserve assets to cover an accident occurred to a member of the Association, and to acquire various materials to complete those supplied by the Ministry of Interior, or the town of HERVE.


For the year 2007 the board of directors is: 

 Président   Jacques SPIRLET
 Vice-président   Albert WISLET
 Secrétary   Jean-Marie LESOINNE
 Paymaster   Guy STRAET

  Joseph COLLIN


  Olivier LHOEST

  Tony NARDI

  Michaël CLOSSET

  Emmanuel LIEGEOIS





  Jordanne LECLOUX

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