The administration offices.


The admission through the yard gives an easy access to the different main rooms, such as class rooms, Commander’s office, radio room and garages.

Two older generation copper stand pipes, marked with the date of the inauguration of the new fire station decorate the corridor of the main entrance.


The radio room, strategic place of a fire station, has to be spacious, well equipped illumination system suited to the mission, and air conditioning.

The radio/telephone equipment of “high tech.” level, allows in all interventions, a precise and well ordered management.


The new class room with more than fifty seats, is equipped with several media diffusion equipments, such as a computer with big screen, “ad hoc” sound equipment, retractable boards, and a TV/video set.

Electric shutters allow the class room to pass from faultless natural light to full darkness. Air is recycled in every room, by filtering suction turbines.

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