The room for the maintenance of the masks.

This room is out of bounds for non qualified personnel .Indeed, one must have the required certificates to be allowed to take apart, to test and to rebuild the various items composing our A.R.I. (Individual respiratory equipment).

The air cylinders contain 6 or 6.8 litres at 300 bars, which gives 1800 litres of air to breathe. Each time they are set in, they allow autonomy of +/- 40 minutes. They are either made of steel or composite material.

The face cover will allow the fireman to enter toxic and/or harmful areas, while breathing the fresh air contained in the cylinder which he carries on his back.

The face covers are cleaned with water and disinfectant, and then put in this ultra-sound bath.

Our specialised personnel use various testing and repair equipments.


This chest is used to dry the elements of the face cover.

With this compressor we reload the air cylinders necessary for most interventions.

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