The volunteers.

The firemen of the fire brigade of Herve are mainly volunteers (only the commander is professional).

Volunteer means that all the firemen have their own full time profession, and that during their free time they are at the service of the population. That is why we have in our ranks a great diversity of trades, such as roofers, production workers, chemists, physicians, butchers, plumbers, industrial leaders, employee’s a.s.o…..Such diversity is  cultural and knowledge enrichment.

If we have different trades we have nevertheless the same objectives: SERVE and AID the population at our best.

The volunteer firemen get the same training as the professional fireman.

We are not on duty in the fire station as one might think. Each fireman, whose recruiting criteria are availability and proximity to the station, is free of movement because he is IMMEDIATELY warned by a “ bip” which he carries always with him. We have a guard service 24 hours a day which allows us to be on the spot, in our sector within the shortest time.

Yet we can see a gradual mini professionalism which does not change anything to either the definition class Z, explained further on, or the voluntary spirit which animates the service.

Our monthly remuneration will depend from the interventions, guards, exercises and every other duty.

In Belgium, the 250 fire services are divided in 4 categories:

Fire service class X Only professional firemen 5 brigades in Belgium
Fire service class Y Professional and volunteer firemen 23 brigades in Belgium
Fire service class Z Only volunteer firemen 120 brigades in Belgium
Township fire service Professional and/or volunteers. 102 brigades in Belgium

The  Herve Fire Brigade  is class Z.